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Firefighters STILL Make House Calls!

Fire Suppression

We still put the "wet stuff on the red stuff," although our methods of extinguishing fires have been refined over the years. Our education in fire sciences, and changes in building designs and methods of construction, including the introduction of new "light weight" building materials, have caused us to take a new approach to the old "standard" ways of fighting fires.
Basically speaking, the best method of extinguishing fires is a quick interior attack, if possible. This is made possible with the improved personal safety equipment that today's firefighters use.
Our personal protective equipment (also known as "bunker gear") and breathing apparatus, help to protect us, which in turn permits us to get closer to the fire for short periods of time.
In addition, with the latest PEOSHA requirements regarding the "2-in-2 out rule," we are now more than ever concerned with the safety of our fire fighting brothers and sisters.

Auto Extrication

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All of our departments utilize some type of hydraulic spreading devices.  In a few of our towns, we utilize a hydraulic tool called "The Jaws of Life". These tools enable firefighters to spread, pull and cut metal to free trapped victims of vehicle collisions. To assist in this operation we also use power saws, cable hoists, glass cutters and assorted hand operated tools.

Emergency Medical Services

In addition to providing fire fighting, personnel from Westampton also provide Basic Life Support to both township residents and individuals who travel the roadways throughout their township.
Mount Laurel EMS also provides Basic Life Support for their residents and roadway travelers.
In many of our townships, first arriving engines are equipped with the necessary personnel and basic life support equipment, and in some communities, Automatic External Defibrillators, to assist with the care and packaging of sick and/or injured people.

High Angle Rescue   


At present, equipment for high angle rescue work is in place in Westampton and training of key personnel has been completed and the crew is available on a countywide basis.

Inspection Program

Many of the departments in our association conduct periodic inspections of commercial properties during normal business hours.
The individuals conducting these inspections have completed specialized training and are licensed by the New Jersey State Division of Fire Safety.
The codes and standards which are enforced by these individuals have been adopted into law by the state of New Jersey.  These codes and standards are known as the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code.
In addition to ensuring all business are in compliance with the Uniform Fire Code, these inspections permit us to develop pre-plans of each business.  These pre-plans are utilized to assist fire crews in becoming more familiar with building layouts and support systems.


All of our departments provide public education on a continuing basis to the individuals from their respective communities.  From pre-school on up to senior citizens, we can structure our program to meet you needs.  We can visit you or you can come visit us.
And remember...should you need us in an emergency throughout Burlington County just dial 9-1-1.

Please Help Us Help You!

In New Jersey, when operating a motor vehicle, pull to the RIGHT and STOP for emergency vehicles.

The next call which we are responding to
may just be YOURS!